How to create an emotionally engaging customer experience, which drives a profitable customer behavior?

Here are some of the questions you should consider:

  • Which aspects of the customer experience and which emotions drive the most value?
  • How do we gain empathy at the start for a more human-centered design?
  • What’s today’s experience and what are the unmet customer needs?
  • Which moments should we focus our innovation efforts?
  • How to construct the innovation and design process to create an engaging and profitable experience?

Most Journey Mapping methodologies only look at the rational and only scratch the surface of the emotional experience. The customer behavior is much more complex than that. It is essential to also consider the aspects that subconsciously influence customer behavior and the behavioral economics principles in play so you can create an emotionally engaging experience that drives the desired customer behavior. Our Journey Mapping methodology looks at the rational, emotional, subconscious, and psychological experience.

We can also train you on the methodology (in class or on the job training) so you could make a sustainable shift in how you approach experience design.