About us

Zhecho Dobrev

Zhecho Dobrev has over 15 years of experience as a management consultant accumulated in the English-American company Beyond Philosophy – the first consulting company solely focused on Customer Experience. During this time, Zhecho has devoted 10,000+ hours to studying customer experience management and human psychology to become an expert in the field. Zhecho gained invaluable experience from practical work with many of the world’s leading organizations, including Caterpillar, FedEx, American Express, Heineken, Michelin, Roche, Pfizer, AT&T, Sprint, Maersk Line and others.

Zhecho has worked in a wide range of sectors and cultures – from IT companies in Canada to a manufacturer of construction and mining machines in China and India; from telecommunications in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to financial services companies in the UK and US.

As part of the engagements with these companies, Zhecho conducts customer surveys with the most advanced statistical methods, redesigns customer journeys, creates memorable experiences, conducts training of management teams, speaks at senior management conferences, but most importantly – inspires organizations to take the path of improving the customer experience and achieve great results along the way.

Zhecho was part of the team that helped the world’s largest container and land transport company improve the likelihood of customers recommending it (NPS®) by 40 percentage points in 30 months, resulting in the volume of the transported cargo increases by 10%. Zhecho also led the project with the British Airways subsidiary responsible for the frequent flights and customer loyalty program, which has been awarded a customer experience award.

Expertise: Development of a CX strategy for clients; Customer Research; Design and Re-design of customer experiences; Customer experience measurement; Behavioral Science; Emotional measurement; Facial Emotion Recognition; Neuromarketing; Training, Conferences, and Workshops.


Vihra Naydenova

Vihra Naidenova, Phd with over 15 years of experience as a strategic business partner in the field of selection, development and consulting in international organizations. She has experience in strategic consulting and human resource management in the financial, retail and IT sectors.

Vihra has experience in various businesses in Bulgaria, Germany and Austria as trainer and coach and is certified in the Practitioner Coach Diploma by Noble Manhatten Coaching, accredited by the international institutes IIC & M, as well as the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Helps business leaders as a strategic partner to achieve maximum results through good human resources development programs.

Expertise: Development of strategy for clients; customer surveys; Design and Re-design of customer experiences; Customer experience measurement; consumer psychology; Emotional measurement; Recognition of emotions by facial dynamics; Marketing strategies; Trainings, conferences and workshops;

Tania Boiajieva

Tania Boiajieva graduated from the Mathematical High School in Sofia, and then in information technology. She has master’s degrees in human resource management and in informatics. She is a part-time lecturer in human resources management in two master’s programs at Sofia University (SU) and at the New Bulgarian University (NBU).

Tanya has over 20 years of experience as a manager and management consultant. Her experience includes 5 years as a HR consulting manager at Deloitte Bulgaria and 6 years as the head of the consulting department of Ernst & Young Bulgaria. She is a certified consultant according to the British standard “Investors in people”. Tania Boiajieva is the founder and first chairwoman of the Bulgarian Association for People Management and has worked actively over the years to introduce a professional approach to people management in Bulgaria.

Tania Boiajieva’s personal mission is to help people and organizations develop their full potential. Over the past few years, she has sought, applied and actively promoted innovative management practices that lead to a humane, balanced and at the same time productive work environment in organizations.